21 piece Easter Assortment

21 piece Easter Assortment


Every year, Serenade makes a delicious chocolate Easter assortment featuring a pure chocolate center and a handwritten Easter Message written in chocolate! his grand assortment also comes surrounded by a luscious selection of

  • Chocolate bunnies + ducks
  • Coconut and marzipan truffles
  • Caramels, toffees and, nut clusters,
  • Pure fruit creams

– so you know your’e getting the smoothest gourmet chocolate in Boston….from our kitchen to the mouths of your loved ones.

Serenade is well known for our limited edition, premium dark chocolate boxes which happen to be both vegan AND gluten free!

You can also pick up a box of the creamy milk chocolate selection – a favorite for young people and with a sweet tooth. Feel free to fill this box with caramels, truffles, nutty chocolates, and whatever else your heart desires!

All boxes have a shelf life of 2 weeks if kept in a cool dry place (Do Not Refrigerate!) Order for Delivery or pickup while supplies last!




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