Easter Chocolate Piñata Cake

Easter Chocolate Piñata Cake


Treat your friends and family to a delicious, chocolate filled pinata cake! Decorated with Easter themed goodies, these chocolate filled cakes are packed with our famous Easter chocolate assortment!  The cake’s filling includes a luscious selection of

  • Chocolate bunnies + ducks
  • Coconut and marzipan truffles
  • Caramels, toffees and, nut clusters,
  • Pure fruit creams

– so you know your’e getting the smoothest gourmet chocolate in Boston….from our kitchen to the mouths of your loved ones.

You can get a Serenade Pinata Cake in our vegan AND gluten free premium dark chocolate or with a selection the creamy milk chocolate Treats – a favorite for young people and those with a sweet tooth.

For CUSTOM WRITING on cakes please call  (617-739-0795) or add writing to your order notes!

All cakes have a shelf life of 2 weeks if kept in a cool dry place (Do Not Refrigerate!) Order for Delivery or pickup while supplies last!