At Serenade Chocolatier we have a true passion for chocolate.

Inside our small shop in Brookline Massachusetts, the air is rich with the aroma of chocolate carefully prepared in the Viennese tradition of William “Uncle Bill” Federer. At Serenade Chocolatier, a passion for chocolate inspires our careful selection of the finest ingredients and our devotion to a craft passed down through generations of European candy makers.

Pure butter, sweet cream, and premium European chocolate are combined with fresh roasted nuts and fruits for a collection exquisitely appealing to both the eye and the palate. As a gift for yourself or a loved one, or a memorable gesture to a client or associate, Serenade chocolates are simply incomparable.


Shipping & Gifts

National Delivery Options

All shipping done through priority mail to ensure chocolate stays as fresh as possible! Rates depend on the wieght of your order.

Please note: We are unable to ship to some states due to temperature restrictions

Gifts & Packaging

We specialize in custom orders, offering distinctive selections for clients, promotions, or parties.

For dramatic impact, we can produce company logos in chocolate, or design and imprint an attractive box with a personalized message.

Please call for prices and details.